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The Ethics of Genetics

There is no replacement of your district's curriculum. But to fully meet the spirit of state and national standards, we must extend our students' understanding of topics beyond the textbook.

In no way would we expect to tackle all that is here with any one class. There is, however, a variety of lessons to magnify your students' understanding.

Why Teach Ethics?

Our students live in an ever-complex world. They will face questions and dilemmas that we never had, let alone even contemplated. To prepare these young minds to make rational and logical decisions, it is imperative that students practice.

The Ethics of Genetics is intended to supplement your unit on cells, reproduction, and biology. Our interest was finding lessons for sixth- to eighth-graders (12- to 14-year olds). Most of what is included, however, is geared toward the high school student. We think all these lessons can be used with middle school students.

Teacher Preparation

The following will help prepare you, the teacher, for the series of questions in which you will lead your students.