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Click on the 'view my guestmap' button to open another window and make your pledge. When using the guestmap, please make yourself familiar with the zoom facility. To scroll to different areas of the map you can click and drag, or use the keyboard.

If you have been directed to this page by email, you will realise:

  • that carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas

  • that CO2 emissions can lead to global warming

  • that each time we use fossil fuels or electricity, we are adding carbon dioxide to the atmosphere

  • that the world's climate is changing

  • that the world is getting warmer

How about saving some energy NOW? Turning off a few lights, and turning the heating thermostat or air conditioning down 1 degree can save 10% in fuel costs. Promise to walk into town tomorrow and leave the car at home.

  • Saving energy can save you money.

  • Saving energy cuts down on pollution.

  • Saving energy saves resources for the future.

  • Saving energy might just save the planet.

Make a pledge now and tell us where you are and how much energy you aim to save.

Or tell us how much CO(balloons or kg) you aim not to put into the atmosphere. Have you seen the CO2 calculator?