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The students have been eager to see where their Grandbuddies live. Our second meeting was held at Copeland Oaks, the retirement community where our new friends make their homes. We took along clipboards with a Second Meeting Checklist and a Second Meeting Interview Sheet of questions.

We kept peeking out of the windows at school, waiting and waiting for that big yellow bus to come take us to Copeland Oaks! Field trips are ALWAYS exciting...but this one was extra-special. The teachers reviewed the questions on the Interview Sheets one more time and reminded the students that school rules apply outside of school too! Everyone was bursting with excitement as we boarded the steps of the bus and set off on our trip.


When we arrived at Copeland Oaks some of the Grandbuddies were waiting outside to greet us. Others were lined up just inside the doors and everyone paired up quickly as the students entered the building eager to see everything!

We all gathered in a big meeting room and our visit began with the teachers showing a video of the Simulation Center activities that the students had participated in to the Grandbuddies. Then everyone settled in with their partners and conducted our second interview.

The Simulation Centers left students with lots of questions about their Grandbuddies physical challenges and our second interview centered around some of those questions. The "Issues of Aging" interview asked: "Do you wear glasses?" "Do you use anything to help you move around?" "What do you do for exercise?" and similar questions. Students also practiced reading from their homework books to the Grandbuddies, who were patient and attentive listeners!

It was finally time to tour Copeland Oaks and see the community where our Grandbuddies live! Our new friends explained that some people in Copeland Oaks live in villas (houses) and some live in apartments. We learned that some residents with physical problems live in special apartments where people help them with their needs. Our Grandbuddies share some neat places, like a chapel, a beauty parlor, store, and more. We were eager to see them all, so we set off to explore!
Many older people experience changes in vision that make reading small print difficult. In the library we saw large print books and a machine that enlarges the type in printed material so that newspapers and magazines are easier to read.

There were SO many things to explore at Copeland Oaks! The students were disappointed when it was time to get on the bus and go back to school. Most of them said that they didn't get to see everything they wanted to! More photos of what we DID see can be viewed by clicking here.

Images © Patricia Knox and The Franklin Institute. All rights are reserved.