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The Grandbuddies Project is, first and foremost, about people. The following individuals made this project possible and its success was due to their commitment and efforts:

  • Residents of Copeland Oaks Retirement Community in Sebring, Ohio gave generously of their time and talents throughout the project. They opened their hearts to the children involved and became "teachers" in every sense of the word. Their generosity provided the students with the opportunity to view aging in a positive manner along with an experience that will live on in their memories for many years to come.

  • The First Grade students from Mrs. Weber's Class and Mrs. Heban's Class at Greentown Elementary School in North Canton, Ohio brought bright smiles, open minds, and ready hugs to the project. Their enthusiasm and willingness to learn served as a reminder of the project's purpose to all of the adults involved.

  • Lynn Weber and Valerie Heban suggested activities, created lessons and materials, fit the demands of a large project into an already "jam-packed" curriculum, met with the project author evenings and weekends to plan, and were willing to try anything they were asked to do. Without the efforts of these two exemplary teachers the Grandbuddies Project would not have been possible.

  • Shirley Faust introduced us to the Copeland Oaks community, served as a contact person for the residents, collected our mail and forms, volunteered as a Grandbuddy, and did everything and anything else asked of her.

  • Special thanks go to Mrs. Judy Takacs for providing delectable baked goods at our meetings and to Paul Neiss, Principal, Greentown Elementary School; Peggy McClain, Curriculum Director; Peg Deibel, Instructional Supervisior; and Diane Flad, Treasurer, from the North Canton City School District for their support of this venture.

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