The Energy Story

  Energy Is Born
  Energy Types
  Energy Changes
  Energy Generation

The Energy Problem

  Conservation of Energy
  Aging of Energy
  Finite Resources
  The Oil "Crisis"
  Energy Pollution
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The Energy Solution

  Conserving Electricity
  Appliance Efficiency
  Heating Conservation
  Renewable Energy

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Energy Types

Energy is everywhere in the world around us. We need energy to run our factories, heat our homes, and fuel our bodies. For example, just think about the many ways that we use energy to cook our food, from the oven in our kitchens to the many types of barbecue grills in our backyards.


Exercise 1: List Energy Types and Sources
  In the blank spaces below, type in every possible type of energy, source of energy, or word that pertains to energy that you can think of. There are a few websites listed below that may help you get some ideas. You should have at least 30 items before continuing. Then print out the page so that you can refer to it later.  

Web Sites with Energy Information

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  Consumer Energy Information Learning About Renewable Energy  
  Charlotte World of Science Forms of energy.  
  Energy Can you imagine a life without energy?