The Energy Story

  Energy Is Born
  Energy Types
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The Energy Problem

  Conservation of Energy
  Aging of Energy
  Finite Resources
  The Oil "Crisis"
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The Energy Solution

  Conserving Electricity
  Appliance Efficiency
  Heating Conservation
  Renewable Energy

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Heating Conservation

You can do a lot on your own to save money and energy, for example, by adding insulation to you home. Often your electricity provider, energy conservation organizations, or government agencies have programs to help you save energy.

Home Energy Audit

One of the most popular program is called an energy audit. You can do this yourself or have an outside contractor or your electric utility perform the audit. Basically, an energy audit measures how much energy your household is using and as closely as possible where it is being used. From the audit, calculations can be made as to what the most cost effective ways are to reduce the amount and cost of your energy use.