The Energy Story

  Energy Is Born
  Energy Types
  Energy Changes
  Energy Generation

The Energy Problem

  Conservation of Energy
  Aging of Energy
  Finite Resources
  The Oil "Crisis"
  Energy Pollution
  Discussion Topics

The Energy Solution

  Conserving Electricity
  Appliance Efficiency
  Heating Conservation
  Renewable Energy

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Secret Lives Title - The Energy Story

Energy Types

Energy comes in a number of different forms or types and these energies are everywhere in our universe, our world, and our everyday lives. Just as people have different characteristics and personalities, each type of energy has a particular set of properties. The following exercises will help you to become an expert in identifying these energy types and spotting them in the world around you.

Exercise 1 List Energy Types and Sources

Exercise 2

Find The 10 Basic Types of Energy

The Ten Types Learn about the 10 types of energy
Crossword Puzzle Answers based on information in the The Ten Types
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Energy Game Answers based on information in The Ten Types
REQUIRES: A PC and the Vitalize plug-in (see below)

The Energy Game requires a PC running Windows 95/98/NT/XP and V3.0 or higher of Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator. A plug-in for your web browser called Vitalize is also required. The vitalize plug-in can be downloaded by clicking on the link below. After downloading, run the .exe file (Vzfull32.exe for the full version) from the Run dialogue box in Windows and follow the directions..

Link to Vitalize Plug In