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The Ten Types
Mechanical Energy

Mechanical energy is energy of motion of objects that are attached together, many of which are called machines. These machines can be as simple as a pair of scissors or as complicated as the engine in your car. The examples of this type of energy are almost endless and can be found in all parts of our industrialized society, in the home, in school, and at work. Since the energy is energy of motion and cannot be stored, mechanical energy is a kinetic form of energy. A list of some examples is given below.

venetian blinds opening or closing a vacuum clearner motor running
pliers closing a clock's hands moving
turning blender blades the movement of a computer joystick
turning blades of a lawn mower the turning of a belt sander
the clicking of a computer mouse clicking open a loose leaf notebook
a sewing machine sewing on a button turning of a motorized tooth brush
the turning of a pencil sharpener turning of a fishing reel
a light switch turning on or off stapler stapling
a see-saw moving up and down keys of a cash register being pushed
the turning of a helicoptor's rotors the turning of a car's steering wheel