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Words You Should Know

cloud: a collection of water vapor in  the air that you can see. 

condensation: when gas changes to a liquid, such as when clouds change from a vapor to a liquid when it rains

conserve: to protect, to not waste

evaporation: when liquid water changes to water vapor

faucet: a device used to control the flow of water in homes and businesses 

fertilizer: materials used to feed plants on farms

flood: when water overflows onto lands not usually covered by water

fog: clouds that are close to the ground

ground water: water under the Earth's surface that feeds wells and springs

ice: water as a solid

irrigation: controlling water to feed plants

molecule:  a small particle, a tiny bit

pesticides: chemicals used to kill pests, especially insects

pollution: something that has become dirty or dangerous; polluted water can be harmful to all living things

precipitation: rain, snow, sleet, frost, etc.

rain: water that has changed from a vapor to a liquid and falls from clouds

reservoir: a place for storing and controlling water—can be natural or man made

snow: water that changed from a vapor to a solid and falls from clouds

steam: water that has turned to vapor when it is heated

surface water: water on the surface of the Earth such as rivers, lakes, streams, and reservoirs

wastewater: water used for washing, flushing, etc. in homes and businesses

water cycle: the journey that water makes from the oceans to the clouds and back to the Earth again

well: a deep hole dug in the Earth in order to bring water from underground