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Everywhere we look around the world, communities are dealing with the serious issues caused by a shortage of water. Lack of snowfall in the Northeastern United States in the winter of 2002 has caused signs like this one to appear on roadsides. Seasonal drought maps change but there is one constant: water is at a premium and there will always be shortages. We must learn to take care of the water that we have and more importantly we must help our children understand the importance of taking care of this most valuable resource.

Children can be a powerful force when they really believe in something. Over the years children have helped make their families aware of the dangers of cigarette smoke and the importance of recycling. George Eliot once said, "knowledge is power..." With knowledge of water issues, children can learn to make choices and become responsible members of their communities. This guide was written to help you teach young children about water and water conservation. If we all work together we can make a difference in both the quantity and quality of our water. 

We hope that the ideas and information presented here will inspire you and your students to join in the conservation effort and become part of the SWISH TEAM - Student Water Investigators Showing How (to conserve and improve water quality). Spread the word and make others more aware and knowledgeable about the problem we have.


 Author's Note: Three Days Without Running Water