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Project Ideas

  • Have your students generate a chart for your classroom of all the things they have learned about how to conserve water.

  • Have your students create a pledge to be Water Savers. If you prefer we have a card with a pledge already for you here

  • The students can create their own SWISH TEAM complete with membership cards. We also have a sheet of 12 Swish Badges for you to print.

  • Copy the Water Saver logo on the right. Use it to make badges your students can wear. Here is a sheet of 6 Water Saver Badges all ready for you to print.

  • Have your students create Water Saver campaign posters. Brainstorm a list of the facts they have learned about the importance of water conservation. Place the posters around your school to inform others about the importance of water conservation and to get others interested in conserving water.

  • Have your students create a newsletter to share with their parents about the importance of water conservation.

  • Create a list of the ways your students are saving water.

  • Using a story board, students can write and illustrate a Did You Know book of their own. This could be used as the beginning for a larger book made on full size sheets of paper folded in half in book form.

  • Issue a challenge to the other classes in your school. Have a contest to see who can save the most water. 

  • Using Kid Pix or similar program, have your student create a "Water Rebus."

  • Have the students create a checklist of things that they can do at home.

  • Have students create a chart of things that need water to live and things that do not need water. Use words or pictures.

  • Have students draw their own water cycle.

  • Adopt an area near your school and visit it on a regular basis to keep it clean.

  • If you have a stream near your school visit it regularly to help keep it clean.

 Resources to Print

Water Saver Badge

Large Water Saver Logo

Small Water Saver Logo

Swish Badge

Swish Pledge

Swish Membership Card