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Assessment is an important part of any study and an ongoing process. It is one measure of what your students have learned. The items listed below are excellent ways to gauge your students' understanding of the importance of water, the uses of water, the water cycle, and water conservation.

  1. Students will record three ways people use water.

  2. Students will record five ways people waste water.

  3. Students will illustrate the three different forms of water.

  4. Students will illustrate the water cycle using arrows to show direction.

  5. Students will create a poster to remind fellow students and community members not to waste water.

  6. Using a storyboard, students will write and illustrate a Did You Know book about water. This could be used as the beginning for a larger book made on full size sheets of paper folded in half in book form.

  7. Students will write their own pledge to be Water Savers highlighting why it is important to save water.