The Ethics of Genetics

Healthy Eating


The Biology of Aging

Picturing Health Perfectly

The life science resources span lower primary to upper secondary levels. Three educators in the United States and three in the United Kingdom cover a wide variety of topics, from aging to genetics and inheritance, and dietary requirements to medical imaging techniques.

Grandbuddies: An Intergenerational Project: "Teachers can expose their students to the subject of aging by having older and younger people working together in learning activities. By promoting intergenerational education, schools respond to the needs of the larger community and strengthen classroom instruction."
Target: Lower primary | Author: Patricia Knox | Community: North Canton, Ohio, US

The Ethics of Genetics: "One of the challenges of educators is to prepare their students for the world around them. But when that world is ever-changing and presenting us all with issues that challenge our ethical systems, learning needs to go far beyond the textbook. This community action guide presents some of these ethical issues within an academic setting designed for today's youth."
Target: Upper primary | Author: Robert Owens | Community: Millville, New Jersey, US

Healthy Eating: "This is a resource designed to give students an insight into their dietary requirements and diet around the world. It is also designed to give them the tools to compare these diets and perhaps to take action to do something about it."
Target: Lower seconday | Author: Richard Sullivan | Community: Greater Manchester, UK

Inheritance: "Families tend to look alike. Children look like their parents, sisters like brothers, and so on. Why? All down to inheritance. There are many characteristics that make up a living thing, and most of these can be inherited, that is, passed on from parents to offspring. What is inherited is a recipe to make a new organism. This recipe is written in the genes."
Target: Upper secondary | Author: Paul Cummins | Community: Slough, UK

The Biology of Aging: "In The Biology of Aging, students will: be introduced to the science behind the aging process, use problem solving and inquiry to study the biological aspects of aging, move beyond the classroom into the community and interact with people outside of their immediate age group, and gain an appreciation for the aging process and value the integrity of other age groups."
Target: Upper secondary | Author: Ann Sowd | Community: North Canton, Ohio, US

Picturing Health Perfectly: "Since the discovery of X-rays, physics has had a large impact on the way we view the human body. As different scanning techniques have become available to hospitals, it seems that the technology behind them has become more complex. This site aims to provide a basic insight into the differences between modern imaging techniques used today. Teachers can use this site to make contact with a local hospital unit."
Target: Upper secondary | Author: Jason Jones | Community: St. Albans, Hertfordshire, UK