As the Drill Bit Turns

Global Warming

Nuclear Energy

The Secret Lives of Energy

Animating Energy Online

The energy resources span upper primary to upper secondary levels. Four educators in the United States and one in the United Kingdom make a hot topic out of energy issues. These guides encourage thoughts on oil supply, global warming, and nuclear energy use.

As the Drill Bit Turns: "...Is the world running out of gas? These were the questions that the fifth grade students at Bethune Academy began to ask themselves. They wanted to know what impact would their lifestyle right now have on the world oil supply? Was there anything they and their classmates could do to make any difference?"
Target: Upper primary | Author: Paulette Dukerich | Community: Houston, Texas, US

Global Warming: These pages are "essentially a collection of resources...teaching about global warming and the greenhouse effect...What's known for certain? We know: that gases like carbon dioxide and methane are greenhouse gases, that we are increasing the amount of these gases into the atmosphere, that most of this is due to burning fossil fuels, and that the CO2 in the atmosphere has increased."
Target: Upper secondary | Author: Tom O'Toole | Community: Milton Keynes, UK

Nuclear Energy: "In today's every increasing need for energy, one needs to be informed of the different alternatives of energy production in order to make intelligent decisions on which method best meets the needs of the community and country. One method of producing this electricity is through nuclear energy. The topic of nuclear energy conjures many mixed emotions and is a topic associated with much misinformation. The intent of this site is to help inform you of the many aspects (both good and bad) concerning nuclear fission and the production of electricity utilizing this powerful source."
Target: Upper secondary | Author: Kenneth Wester | Community: Columbus, Mississippi

The Secret Lives of Energy: "The Secret Lives of Energy is devoted to the intelligent, efficient, and environmental friendly way of utilizing our energy resources. Energy is considered as almost being alive, from its birth at the creation of the universe, in its evolution as it constantly changes from one type into another type, and finally as it ages and loses its ability to be used efficiently."
Target: Upper secondary | Author: Steve Hughes | Community: Wayne, Pennsylvania, US

Animating Energy Online: "Energy is a key aspect of life on Earth. We use energy to do work. Energy lights our cities. Energy powers our cars, trains, planes and rockets. Energy warms our homes, cooks our food, and gives us pictures on television. Energy powers machinery in factories and tractors on a farm...Everything we do is connected to energy in one form or another...But where does energy come from? On these pages, many sources of energy are explained via visual examples."
Target: Upper secondary | Author: Tom Chandler | Community: Hackensack, New Jersey, US