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A Community Action Project by fifth grade students from Bethune Academy, Houston Texas


"Oil, the basis of our supply of energy, is a finite resource that needs to be exploited with infinite care."

Euan Baird...Chairman & Chief Executive Officer



There is a common misconception that the activities of one person (or a small group) can have little impact upon the environment. Upper elementary students are not unique in holding this idea. You need merely to look at the litter along a roadside to realize how common the notion is that protection of the environment is someone else's responsibility.(1)


Robert and Patrick had a baseball game to play in. They asked their dad to drive them to the game. He was happy to do it except he had to fill the car up with gas first. They put everything for the game in the car and drove to the gas station. Their dad pulled up to the gas pump and got out of the car. Robert saw his dad scratch his head and shake it. What could be the matter he thought? Then his dad opened the car door and said, "Sorry guys, I can't take you to the game. Gas is too expensive and I only have enough money to put gas in the car to drive to work and back home."

Why was the cost of gas so expensive? What would the cost of gas mean to the lifestyle of Robert and Patrick? Would things ever be the same? Is the world running out of gas? These were the questions that the fifth grade students at Bethune Academy began to ask themselves. They wanted to know what impact would their lifestyle right now have on the world oil supply? Was there anything they and their classmates could do to make any difference?


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