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teachers' home page: Water Project

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The web pages within this project are all about water. They are aimed at year 9 students (ages 13/14), but can be used with both older and younger students.

For each water topic, there are three types of pages: fact sheets, activities and answers. There are also science investigation help pages for students and teachers, which could be used to teach the skills needed for a successful assessed practical.

The project is designed to be flexible to your needs. Your students can work through the whole project, or you can pick individual activities for them to do. All the pages within the project fit into the UK national curriculum, but equally could be used by international educators. In the UK, the entire project could also be used as part of an enhancement week, outside of the curriculum.

The project could be carried out using a classroom of computers, or web pages could be downloaded by the teacher and copied for individual students.

Overview of the Project

The main areas this project covers are:

  • water cycle
  • water hardness
  • temporary and permanent hard water
  • water pollution
  • water testing
  • water polarity and static electricity
  • science investigations

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These pages were written by Dr Julie Bond. Julie is head of chemistry at Samuel Ward.

Click here to find out more about Samuel Ward Upper School and Technology College in Haverhill, Suffolk.

Year 9 class at Samuel Ward Upper School and Technology College in Haverhill, Suffolk, UK

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