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activity: Water Pollution

There are 3 easy ways to examine water for pollution.

  1. pH
  2. purity test
  3. water clarity

Collecting water samples

You will need about 5 samples of water to test. The class should all bring in a sample of tap water from home. If you have a water softener, then bring a sample from this tap as well. If you have a pond in your garden, ask permission from your parents to collect water from this. Your teacher will also bring in some samples of river water.

Take Care!!!

To carry out each test you will need some water samples. You need to be really careful around water. Sometimes water that looks shallow can be very deep. There are often water plants below the surface which could wind around your legs and trap you under the surface.

Never collect samples of water from a river, pond or lake on your own. You should always have an adult with you.

Collect your water samples from the edge of the water. You don't need to go in!!

Some water samples could be dirty, so make sure all cuts and grazes are covered with waterproof plasters. Wash your hands in clean water after collecting your samples.

Click on each of the 3 tests to investigate water pollution for yourself.

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