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As you browse through "Flights of Inspiration," you'll notice connections to other websites that offer related topical information. This list represents the complete collection of websites to which "Flights of Inspiration" links.

If you're interested in the science and operation of wind tunnels, but not necessarily the Wright tunnel, this website, published by NASA's Observatorium, is a must.

Laboratories of Flight: Wind Tunnels
Wind Tunnels - History
Wind Tunnel - Parts
Wind Tunnel - Quiz
Wind Tunnel - Wordsearch

Consider building your own wind tunnel at home or at school. The Baals wind tunnel can be built for approximately $200 and can get about 30 mph in the test section.

Tufts University Baals Wind Tunnel
The Baals Wind Tunnel

If you can't build your own tunnel, try these interactive websites that let you simulate the experience of testing in a wind tunnel.

The Java Virtual Wind Tunnel
FoilSim: Airflow Over Airfoils

Some students may need some introductory information about air before they can begin to think about wind.

Background Information on Air

For further thinking about flight, these resources offer some other perspectives.

Fundamentals of Flight
See How It Flies
Forces on an Airplane
History of Flight
A Brief History of the Invention of the Airplane
Aeronautics Learning Laboratory
Historic Wings
World Record Paper Airplane Flight

After you try the activities in "Flights of Inspiration," you may want to try some more. The following websites are among the best.

Flight Exhibition at the Science Museum, London
How Planes are like Birds
Compare Powered and Unpowered Balsa Gliders
Illustrate Bernoulli's Principle with Paper Strips
Illustrate Bernoulli's Principle with a Pin, Spool, and Cardboard
A Handmade Propeller Demonstrates Lift
Using a Balloon to Demonstrate Thrust
Demonstrate the Effects of Rudder, Elevator, and Ailerons
Make a Styrofoam Glider
Make a Simple Wind Tunnel
Constructing a Styrofoam Flyer
Flying a Styrofoam Flyer
Designing Your Own Styrofoam Flyer
Introduction to Aeronautical Charts
Use the Scale of an Aeronautical Chart to Determine Distance
Fuel Consumption Problems
Rate and Distance Problems
Forces and Motion
1902 Wright Glider Model

"Flights of Inspiration" offers an extremely thorough account of the Wright Brothers life before, during, and after their "First Flight," focusing most closely on the years from 1890-1910. This resource does not, however, consider their numerous other accomplishments both before and after that timeframe. The following websites provide additional information about the lives of Orville and Wilbur Wright.

The Wright Brothers
Wilbur and Orville Wright
The Wilbur and Orville Wright Story
How We Made The First Flight
How We Made The First Flight
In Depth: The Propeller

As the Centennial of the First Flight approaches, you may want to visit these sites often.

First Flight Centennial
Trivia Challenge
The Wright Experience

These websites use Quicktime, VRML, and/or Shockwave to recreate the first flight. Keep in mind, the collection of original Wright Brothers artifacts includes only a few still photographs of the events at Kitty Hawk. The following recreations are invented, but extremely well done and well worth browsing.

First Flight: Evolution of the Airfoil
First Flight Quicktime Recreation
First Flight Shockwave Interactive
1903 Wright Flyer Simulation


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