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 Article from the Daily Mail 1913 describing the competition.

R34 Airship, which made a double voyage across the Atlantic in 1919
Acknowledgements Vickers PLC

Entry form for the Daily Mail's competition to fly directly across the Atlantic, 1919.
Acknowledgements Daily Mail





The menu cards for Hawker and Grieve's celebratory Luncheon, 1919
Acknowledgements: Royal Aero Club/Daily Mail Newspaper

Hawker and Grieve's Map, 1919

The Vimy under Construction in Newfoundland, 1919.
Acknowledgements Vickers PLC

A memo describing the arrangements for the flight, 1919
Transcription of the memo
Acknowledgement Vickers PLC


Letter declaring the take off of the Vickers Vimy, 1919
Transcription of the letter
Acknowledgements: © Crown Copyright, Royal Airforce Museum


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