Frogs and Toads

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Toads belong to the same group of animals as frogs. They look like the frogs but they are different in some ways. Toads' skins are dry and rough and frogs' skins are smooth and moist. The frog has some teeth but the toad has none. Most toads live on land, away from the water. But, like frogs, they return to the water to lay eggs.

It is easy to tell toads' eggs from frogs' eggs. Toads'eggs look like long strings of black beads, held together with clear jelly. Frogs' eggs are laid in bunches like grapes.

The toad eggs grow into tadpoles in a few days. These tadpoles are smaller and darker than frog tadpoles. It takes about nine weeks for tadpoles to change into little toads.

Most of the time the toad sleeps during the day. At night, he comes out to eat mosquitoes and other insects. The toad hibernates in the winter. He goes to sleep in a hole in the ground or under a rock. Toads are found all over the world. There are many different kinds.

Toads are helpful to man because they eat harmful insects. They do not cause warts, as many people believe. They make good pets. Before you keep a frog or toad for a pet, you should learn how to make your own pond and how to care for a frog or toad.

Activity: Compare the Frog and Toad