Once upon a time, there was a bullfrog named Frederick. Frederick was born into a large frog family and lived in Lily Pad Pond. Frederick was a very handsome amphibian. He was very large and had smooth, damp, slimy skin that was a bright green color. Frederick's back legs were very strong so he could hop and leap on land. He needed to jump fast to get away from his enemies. He could jump 10 times his body length in a single leap! He was 15 cm. long!

When Frederick croaked everyone took notice, for he had the deepest, froggiest croak of all of the male frogs. Frederick filled his throat with air until it looked like a balloon. When he let the air out, his vocal chords would move, making his loud, croaking sound. See how Frederick did this!

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Froggy Fact:
All frogs are expert jumpers! Some frogs can climb trees and have sticky pads on their toes.