The Egg

It all began when the father frog called to the mother with his loud bullfrog song. The mother frog layed as many as a thousand eggs in clumps of jelly. The jelly held them together and protected them. The eggs floated away and settled among the weeds.

Go on a Frog Egg Hunt

Stage 1

In a few days, a tadpole grew inside the egg. A tadpole is a baby frog. Soon the tadpole began to wiggle in the egg. In about a week, the tadpole broke out of the egg and swam off to begin a new life. This little tadpole was Frederick. He did not look like his mother and father. He looked like a little fish. He had gills on the side of his body for breathing. He used his tail to swim and ate tiny pieces of green plants called algae.

A Tadpole Story

Stage 2

When Frederick was a full grown tadpole, he began to change into a frog. His back legs started to grow. Then the front legs began to grow. About this time the tadpole lost his gills and grew lungs. His mouth got big and wide. He began to look like a grown up frog. He could hop around on land. Frederick's tail got smaller and smaller. After a time the tail was gone and then Frederick was a grown bullfrog.

Grown up frogs like Frederick eat insect larvae, spiders, worms and other frogs. When the frog tries to catch an insect, it throws out its whole tongue. The sticky part helps to catch the insects. See how Frederick does this!

Like all grown up frogs, Frederick's head was big with eyes high up on his head. He could see all around him. He had back legs that were very long and strong. His back feet had long toes with skin between them called webs. These webbed feet made Frederick a good swimmer.

See if you can remember the stages of the frog's life cycle.
Frederick's Life Cycle of A Frog

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Froggy Fact:
Frogs are carnivores. That means that they eat other animals, mainly bugs and worms.