The Frog Life Cycle

 The female frog lays little black and white eggs in the water. She may lay as many as 1000. The eggs are covered with jelly. The eggs are called frogspawn.







  In a few days a tadpole grows inside the egg. A tadpole is a baby frog.
When the tadpole breaks out of the egg it looks like a tiny fish. It has gills on each side of its body that are used for breathing.
 When the tadpole is full grown, he begins to change into a frog. His back legs begin to grow first.
 The front legs begin to grow. He loses his gills and grows lungs. His mouth gets big and wide.
 He looks like a grown-up frog except for his tail. He can hop on the land.
  The tail gets smaller and smaller.
  After a time, the tail is all gone, and the tadpole is a frog.