Hazel Jobe
hazel jobeHazel is a former Title I Reading/Language Arts teacher at Marshall Elementary School in Lewisburg, TN. She has created several nationally recognized Internet projects for students. In her free time, she presents at various national conferences and workshops on educational technology and does freelance writing for Education World and theClassroom Connect Newsletter. She is presently serving as VicePrincipal, Web editor and LAN administrator at M.E.S.

Karen Walkowiak
karen walkowiakKaren is presently a full-time Grade 6 teacher at Holy Redeemer School in Kanata, Ontario, Canada. She is the school's On-Site Administrator, providing technical support and assistance to her staff while maintaining two pentium labs. Karen is also the school's web editor and maintains the 6th Grade Treasure Trove. The Holy Redeemer web site has hosted several online collaborative projects which assist colleagues in integrating the Internet into their classroom curriculum while serving to network with schools around the world. Karen also works for the Nectar Foundation.

Robert Owens
robert owensRobert teaches 4th grade in Vineland, NJ at the Marie D. Durand School. Robert has designed several other web sites for various organizations and individuals. When not teaching or on the Internet, he spends his time reading the New Yorker and The Wall Street Journal, listening to the Grateful Dead, watching DeNiro and Pacino movies and most of all, playing with ’Nado, his four-year-old kitty who regularly types while he’s online.