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    The Solar System | Space Exploration | Biographies

    The Solar System
    (Physical Characteristics)

    *Asteroids, Comets, Meteoroids, Natural Satellites, The Planets, The Sun*

  • Blast From The Past
    (Asteroids and the Extinction of Dinosaurs)
    Follow the links at this site to discover how an asteroid may have caused dinosaurs to become extinct!

  • Exploring the Planets
    Are you looking for data about the the planets? You have come to the right place!

  • Tour of the Solar System
    Take a cyber tour of our amazing planetary system!

  • Windows to the Universe
         *A Must-See*! This site is phenomenal! Learn all about solar system facts, the planets, the sun, comets and asteroids.

  • StarChild: The Solar System
    Visit this site to discover what makes up our Solar System! You can even watch a movie about the Solar System!

  • Views of the Solar System
    Learn about the sun, the planets, comets asteroids and more! Also, discover the history of space exploration, rocketry, and early astronauts.

  • Earth and Moon Viewer
    Look at the Earth or the Moon from different locations including a variety of satellites!

  • Astronomy For Kids
    Learn about black holes, comets, and constellations. Use a virtual telescope to see the planets and constellations!

  • Star Journey
    Journey through the stars to learn more about the Hubble Space Telescope.

  • The Nine Planets
    Wow! Visit this site and take a multimedia tour through the solar system!

  • Planetary Fact Sheet
    Facts, facts and more facts! Everything you need to know about the planets in our solar system.

  • Blast From the Past:  Asteroid News
    Read about a theory which says that asteroids caused dinosaurs to become extinct.

  • Asteroid Introduction
    Be sure to visit this site to learn about asteroids and where they come from.

    Cycles In Nature

    *Day and Night, The Seasons, Phases of the Moon*

  • StarChild: The Moon
    What does the Moon really look like? Visit this site to find out!

  • The Earth's Moon
    Visit the Earth's one natural satellite -- the Moon!

  • Virtual Reality Moon Phase Pictures
    Visit the U.S. Naval Observatory to learn about the phases of the moon.

  • StarChild: The Planet Earth
    Find out more about the planet where 70% of the surface is covered by oceans - the Earth!

    Constellations And Stars

    *Origins, Significance of Names*

  • Mythology: Sky, Constellations and Stars
    At this site you can learn how Greek gods and godesses are related to the stars, the constellation and the sky.

  • Mythology and Constellations
    Visit the constellations - there are some for every season!

  • Star Attractions: Constellations
    What do you see when you look into the night sky? Check this site to find out!

  • Constellation List
    Visit this site to learn about all of the constellation - from A to Z!

  • Stars
    How is a star born? This site will tell you! It also will tell you about different kinds of stars!

  • Constellation Families
    Visit this site to learn about the seven families of constellations.

  • Table of Constellations
    All of the constellations are listed here for you!

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    Space Exploration


  • History of Space Exploration
    A great site to learn about space history, early astronauts, and spacecraft mission summaries!

  • Human Space Flight
    Learn about the history of space exploration, then test your knowledge with the Mad Ham Trivia Game!

  • International Space Station (The Future)
    Where is the most expensive hotel? In space, of course! Read about how the International Space Station was developed!

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  • Women of Space
    Visit this site to read about women who have travelled into space!

  • Astronaut Biography Archives
    Read about the biographies of featured astronauts, and ask an astronaut all of your questions about space!

  • NASA Astronaut Biographies
    Visit this site to read the biographies of all NASA astronauts!

  • Payload Specialist Biographies
    (Includes Canadians Roberta Bondar, Marc Garneau, Steven MacLean, Robert Thirsk, and Bjarni Tryggvason)
    Read about astronauts from around the world!

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