Planet Research Project Outline

Part A || Part B || Part C


  • Choose one planet as the subject of study and research. Be prepared to present your research to the class.

    Part A: Format

  • Your project is to be presented in a duotang.
  • It must include a cover page (Names of Researchers, Names of Planet, Planet Illustration, Date) and the written component.

    Part B: Written Component

    In your research, include the following information:

  • date it was discovered
  • significance of name
  • Mythology
  • size (diameter) of the planet
  • number of moons or satellites
  • where it is placed in order (include a diagram of the solar system) from the sun
  • distance from sun
  • atmosphere
  • length of planetary day/year
  • high/low temperatures
  • period of revolution
  • significant surface features
  • spacecraft which have observed the planet
  • viewing the planet from earth
  • Bibliography

    Part C: Oral Component

  • In-class presentations
  • Evaluation: See Criteria Sheet

  • Due Date: ____________________


    Writing Expectations: to be evaluated . . .

    1. Grammar

  • uses verb tenses correctly
  • writes simple and compound sentences
  • uses noun/pronoun agreement correctly     /6

    2. Punctuation

  • uses capitals and periods consistently     /5

    3. Spelling

  • work has been edited (few or no errors)     /5

    4. Vocabulary

  • chooses words that are most effective for their purpose     /4

    5. Visual Presentation

  • writes legibly (if handwritten)
  • demonstrates organization of ideas
  • organizes information to convey a central idea, using paragraphs
  • illustrations and title are neat, colourful, and creative
  • compiles data gathered through investigation in order to record and present results (charts, tables)
  • must include a Bibliography     /10

    Oral Expectations: to be evaluated . . .

  • maintains eye contact with the audience
  • audible expressive voice
  • clear enunciation
  • detailed information
  • familiar with information
  • uses appropriate vocabulary, including correct science and technology terminology, in describing their investigations and observations     /10

    Comment:               Total: /40

    Parent/Guardian Signature: _______________________

    Choose A Planet
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