Ocean Writing Activities

Wavy Sentences - This activity is to encourage second graders to be creative in their writing about the ocean. The students write their descriptive sentences about the ocean in up and down patterns, depicting the waves of the ocean. The students then add color and ocean animals creating an exciting colorful language art experience. Example Submitted by: Sherryle Foster, Grade 2 M.E.S

Sandcastle Writing - Have students keep a journal during your study of oceans. On a large piece of heavy cardboard, draw a picture of a sandcastle. Find a castle picture and copy it using the overhead. With an x-acto knife cut out three sides of the windows and doors creating a flap. Write a journal activity to glue behind each flap. Close the windows and doors. Each day a student chooses a window or door to open, reads the journal assignment to the class and puts it on the board. Create a special journal for your ocean unit with a decorated cover. Submitted by Jason Donahue, Grade 1 M.E.S.

Fishy Stories - Have students choose a sea animal from one of the books and write a story about it. They should tell about its environment, what it eats and how it protects itself. Students should make an illustration for their story. The stories and illustrations could be separated and used for a matching activity.

Clothes Line Story - Divide students into small groups and assign a different scene from the story for them to recreate. Use white drawing paper, construction paper and crayons. When students are finished have them pin their story parts, in order to the clothes line.

Guess Who? - On index cards write the names of different ocean animals. Students draw a card and research the animal on it. On the back of the card they should write facts about their animals such as; where it lives, what it eats, what color/shape it is, is it a predator or prey? When finished, they can swap with a partner to guess what animal the description is for.

Poems - Read aloud some poems about the ocean. Then work on innovation. Brainstorm some things that could be changed about a particular poem-its title, the creatures mentioned, adjectives, etc. Make a Word Bank on the chalkboard, chart paper, or over-head. Then replace the words in the original poem with words from the Word Bank. Have students write a poem about "A Day in the Life of (their chosen sea animal)".

Sea Animal Acrostics - These are a great way for students to recall facts about sea animals. Write an ocean word down the chalkboard. Brainstorm words that begin with each letter. Be sure to use some ocean words. List them on the board. As a class use the words to create and acrostic about the animal. In no time at all students will be doing their own.

ABC Ocean Book - Write each letter of the alphabet on a sheet of paper. Have students draw a letter. They choose a sea animal whose name begins with that letter. Then draw the animal or find a picture of it to glue to the page. Write facts about the animal under the picture. When all the letters have been finished, photocopy and staple all the pages into a book for each child to take home.

New Animal - Pretend you have just discovered a new animal in the ocean. Tell where you found it, what it looks like, what it eats, and what its name is. How would it behave?

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