Fishing for Ocean Facts

How much do you know about the ocean and the creatures who live there?

See how many you can answer correctly.

1. Lobsters, clams, and oysters have

hard shells.

2. The largest animal in the sea is

the white shark.
the giant kelp.
the blue whale.

3. The first link in the food chain is made up of


4. An octopus moves by

walking on its tentacles.
sliding on its back.
shooting out a stream of water.

5. The sea anemone is

a plant that looks like an animal.
an animal that looks like a plant.
the largest flower in the sea.

6. A seahorse swims by

moving the fin on its back.
moving its tail.
squirting water out of its mouth.

7. Which one is a mammal that lives in the sea?

a starfish
an octopus
a whale

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