Ocean Animals

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1 A small ocean fish with a head that looks like the head of a horse. 1 An animal that has a long spine with which it moves around.
4 A large ocean fish with sharp teeth and tough skin. 2 This animal has five arms and a body the shape of a star.
6 A substance, hard as stone, that is formed from the skeletons of tiny sea animals. 3 A sea animal that has a soft body with eight parts that look like arms.
7 An animal that carries a shell on its back 5 This animal has a soft, rounded body that looks and feels like jelly.
9 A make-believe sea creature with the upper body of a woman and a fish's tail. 8 A sea animal that looks like a fish but is really a mammal and breathes air.
10 Animals that have light-producing spots on their bodies that light up.
11 Looks like a flower but is a soft animal that catches prey with its many arms.

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