Lessons Caught in the Net

These lesson have come up as we've trawled the web. Feel free to add something of your own to our catch!

Shark Surprise! Language Arts; Grades K-2
Children will practice their observational skills and reinforce their familiarity with different types of fish while creating their own card game.
Under the SeaLanguage Arts; Grades K-2
Children will create an undersea environment in their classroom while researching interesting facts about their favorite sea creatures.
Monster Waves- Math/Science; Grades 4-6
In this activity, students will build a tabletop village and use it to visualize the relative height and affects of gigantic waves called tsunamis.
Search for the Humpback Whale-Language Arts/Science; Grades 6-8
Studying humpback whales provides an opportunity to learn about many areas of science. Students can explore whale adaptations, behavior, migration, habitat, communication, and interactions with humans.
Let's Make Waves - Science; Grades 6-8
In this simple set of activities children use wind to create waves and use marbles to model energy moving through water.
The Water Cycle- Complete explanation of the Water Cycle, terms and cloud formation.
The Ocean Planet Educational Materials - A large number of educational materials you can retrieve for use in your classroom.
Education World - Lesson Planning:Celebrate the Year of the Ocean
Marine Education Books for Children

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