Dive to the Coral Reefs
Written by: Elizabeth Tayntor,
Paul Erickson and Les Kaufman


Summary: A group of divers and photographers from the New England Aquarium takes you on a tour of the coral reefs of the Caribbean. The book describes the plants and animals that live around the coral reefs, as well as how the reefs are formed.

Learn more about Coral Reefs and read the fact sheets about the animals that live there.

Visit the Columbus Zoo Web Site to read the facts about the Coral Reefs. Be sure to "Take the Quiz" and "Solve the Puzzle" while you're there. You can get all your questions answered by reading about Coral Reefs at Let's Find Out Encyclopedia.

To see some beautiful pictures of coral taken in the Caribbean visit Coral Cay Conservation. Look carefully at the brain coral and the elk horn coral. Can you tell how they got their names?

The Great Barrier Reef, off the coast of Australia, is the largest coral reef in the world. See some of the aquatic life there. See how many sea animals you can find in the Ocean Treasures Word Search.

Who lives at the Coral Reef? Hawksbill Sea Turtles, Sponges , Mollusks, and Sharks- Learn more about Sharks from: Secrets of the Ocean Realm. Take a virtual tour of the Shark Tank

Have you ever wondered what makes sea turtles different from other turtles? Where they live? Or how long they live? You can get your questions answered at the Vancouver Aquarium-Sea Turtles


Jellyfish, Anemones, and Corals all belong to the same family- Cnidarians. Read more about Jellies: Phantoms of the Deep at the Tennessee Aquarium.

Print a picture of Sea Turtle a or a Great White Shark to color from the Wyland Site.

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