The Magic School on the Ocean Floor
Written by: Johanna Cole and Illustrated by: Bruce Degan


 Summary: Ms. Frizzle takes her class on another wild field trip. When she drives the school bus straight into the ocean another adventure begins. The class explores the ocean floor, coral reefs and a hot water vent.

 Exploring the ocean floor in a school bus is just make-believe but you can see pictures of small submarines (Ocean Research Submersibles) from NOAA and Deep Sea Machines that are submersible vehicles for exploring the ocean floor.


In the open sea, Ms. Frizzle and her class could see dolphins and whales. These are mammals that live in the ocean. See a virtual reality movie at The Dolphin Institute and meet the Dolphins who live there. Click on each dolphins' name and learn all about them. You can even hear the sounds they make. Find out where they live, what they eat and how many different kinds there are at the Vancouver Aquarium.You will also enjoy looking through the Underwater Dolphin Images.

For information about every kind of whale visit Whales on the Net. Be sure to see the Photo Gallery. and read the Whale Characteristics.

   Do you remember what a deep sea vent is? You can Make a deep Sea Vent to help you understand it better.

View some of the sights that Mrs. Frizzle and her students might have seen.

Echinoderms are animals like Starfish, sea cucumbers, Sea Urchins & Sand Dollars that live on the ocean floor in the Intertidal Zone. Test your knowledge about sea life with the Ocean Life Crossword Puzzle.

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