Ocean Art Activities

Aquarium- Cut the centers out of two paper plates. Fasten them together at the edges. Make seaweed out of tissue paper and attach it at the bottom of the cut out center. Glue sea creatures to this seaweed. Cover the cut out centers with clear plastic wrap or blue cellophane. Hang it from the ceiling or display on a bulletin board.

A Puppet Story - Have students draw and color pictures of fish, rocks, seaweed or any other object that might be in the ocean. Cut the pictures out and glue them to craft sticks to create hand puppets. Students can use the puppets to retell the stories or make up their own story to tell.

Sea Mobile - Have students work in groups to draw and color pictures of sea animals that live in each zone of the ocean. Cut the pictures out and glue to heavy construction paper. Punch holes and tie them to a clothes hanger to make the mobile. Display them around the room and have students identify the area of the ocean represented.

Saltwater Paintings - Mix one fourth cup of warm water with six teaspoons of salt and 3 drops of food coloring in a small container. Mix well. Have students paint ocean pictures with the mixture on white paper. Let dry. The water evaporates but the colored salt remains, creating beautiful pictures. This is a good chance to discuss evaporation with students. What evaporates and what didn't?

Aquatic Mural - On a long sheet of butcher paper have students draw their favorite fish or cut out fish shapes to glue onto the paper. Add a sandy bottom some seaweed and you have an ocean scene to display. This is especially good to use with Swimmy. Draw the outline of a big fish on the paper. Have students sponge paint red fish onto the mural in the shape inside the fish shape and put one little black fish for the eye. To use with Rainbow Fish, have students create their own Rainbow fish with cutouts of fish and aluminum foil scales. Attach to the mural and add the other features of the undersea world.

Paper Bag Fish Puppets-Stuff paper bags with newspaper and secure the tail with a rubber band. Decorate the 'fish' with eyes, fins, etc.

Art Ideas on the Net

Fantastic Fishing Contest - Art Activity Children will have fun using their imaginations and what they've learned about fish to create their own entry in a fishing contest.

Enchanted Learning Kindercrafts -These craft projects are for kindergarten and preschool children. They use materials found around the house, like egg cartons, cardboard, paper, boxes, string, crayons, glue, etc. Easy to follow directions.

Create an Ocean Diorama - Create your own ocean scene in a box. Just print out sharks and whales, draw some seaweed, corals, and your favorite fish. Paste, color, cut, hang them in a decorated box, and enjoy the ocean

Make a Whale Mobile-has templates to print and color.

Zoom Sharks-Make a shark pop-up card, learn about shark teeth, diet, habitat, shark attacks, and lots more. The fact sheets on different kinds of sharks are accompanied by printable coloring pages and activities. Be sure to visit Zoom Whales for facts, activities, puzzles, and coloring pages of whales.

Ocean Art Activities from Neptune's Web

Draw Dave the Daring Diving Dolphin

Draw a Thresher Shark

Draw an Angelfish

Aquarium in a Cup

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