Hurricane Quiz

If you have a browser which can use JAVA you can click on the answers to these questions and see if you have mastered some of the basics about hurricanes. Print out a copy of the quiz and fill it in as you research information on the Internet if you need help answering the questions.

1. What is a hurricane?

a wind storm with a funnel

a severe thunderstorm with wind

a storm with winds of 75 mph or more

2. What areas of the world have the most hurricanes?

areas near the poles

areas near the Pacific Ocean

areas near the equator

3. When is the main hurricane season in the North Atlantic?

June to November

May to September

July to December

4. What is the name of the scale used to rank hurricanes and measure their damage potential?

Fahrenheit Scale


Beaufort Scale

5. What are hurricanes called in the western Pacific Ocean?


western hurricanes


6. What causes the most deaths from a hurricane?

strong winds

storm surge

falling trees and buildings

7. What is a major cause of hurricane formation?

changes in barometric pressure from low to high

bad thunderstorms

warm ocean water

8. What does a hurricane hunter do?

flies a plane and watches for a hurricane to form

flies a plane into a hurricane to find out more about it

follows a hurricane so everyone knows where it is

9. What is a storm surge?

spiraling air which is rising and creating rainbands

the combination of strong winds and heavy rain

severe flooding caused by higher than normal tides


10. Where are the worst winds in a hurricane found?

the eyewall around the eye of the hurricane

inside the eye of the hurricane

around the outside edges of the hurricane

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