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Create a public service announcement to catch people's attention and to help explain the plight of the Florida Scrub Jay. If you favor trying to have the scrub become the Florida state bird, include your arguments. See Make a Difference In Your World for an online form you can use to organize your presentation.

Create a diorama or a drawing which shows some of the plants and animals that might be found in the scrub ecosystem. Drawings of plants and some animals you might include can be seen at USF's Florida Center for Community Design Scrub page.

Locate the names of your district representative to the Florida State Legislature. Address a petition to him/her requesting that they help support introduction of a bill into the Florida House of Representatives proposing that the Florida Scrub Jay be declared the official state bird. See the sample petition which you can use and/or modify. Circulate the petition to classmates and community members.

Study the Terms to Know page. Then try the Seek A Word Puzzle page. How many words could you find?

Find out how to contact your Florida Legislator about an environmental issue or a proposal you might have. Learn to use the proper protocol by referring to A Guide to the Florida Legislature from the National Wildlife Federation which will give you pointers for phoning or writing.

Write a letter to your Florida Legislator to explain why you feel the Florida scrub bird should be the Florida state bird.

Learn how NASA is helping to use satellites to track threatened species. Report to classmates about how the program works and about some of the birds being tracked. Be sure to visit the Bird Tracks site and select the birds from North America, South America, Eurasia or Africa which are being tracked. Can you discover if anything is being done to track the locations of the Florida Scrub Jay?

Visit Bird World and view a slide show about Alberto and other birds to see how they are tagged so they can be monitored. See how scientists follow and safely capture an endangered bird. Make a list of the birds shown and some of the techniques scientists use as you watch the slide show. Be sure to find out what type of bird Alberto is! Be sure to write down how some of the scientists dress uniquely for their work. (There are 46 slides in this show. Be sure to watch at least 20.)

List reasons why you think animals become threatened or endangered. Compare your ideas to those offered at the AMNH Endangered site. Which of this reasons do you think may have caused problems for the Florida scrub jay?

Create a poster or a brochure about the Florida Scrub Jay. Use some of the resources in the scrub jay section to help you decide what to include so that students in your school or people in your communtiy can learn about this endangered bird.

Compare the Florida scrub jay and the mockingbird. How are they alike? How are they different? Which one do you think would be the best choice for the Florida state bird? Why? Draw or find a picture of each to include with your work.

Visit Earth Dog and find out how he came to care about his environment. Why is it important for all of us to care about the plants and animals in our environment? (Note: these files may be best printed out in advance and used as a booklet for younger students to read off line as the graphic files take awhile to load.)

How do birds make a nest? What are they made of? Read about the research done by Mike Hansell at the Dragonfly site and see how he reported on the nest of the bird he researched. Can you find out how the Florida Scrub Jay makes its nest, what it looks like and write about it? Use the links at this site to help you as you research this topic.

Visit The Endangered Habitats Kid's Pages and learn what you can do to help endangered animals. What 8 things are suggested that kids can do? Can you add to the list? Which ones can you do to help out? Make a "plan of action" by listing the steps you can begin using.

Use the Endangered Animal Tour at the National Wildlife Federation site to learn how increases in the human population affect animals. Write a summary of what you find out. Be sure to include how the population increase has created problems for the Florida Scrub Jay.

Explore career information on the web. Would you like to be an Ornithologist ? How about being an Ecologist? View these two sites at The Children's Museum of Indianapolis by clicking on the job names above and see what type of jobs these would be.

Learn more about birds and how to identify them. Visit the Bird Identification Page and use the Tools for Learning about Birds from the Patuxent Wildlife Research Center. This site includes videos, pictures, songs, identification tips and more for U.S. and Canadian birds. While you are visiting these pages compare the pictures of the Florida scrub jay and the Western scrub jay. How do they differ?

 Visit The Fledgling Corner (Birding for Kids) and select an activity from the many there including art projects, hearing bird calls, learning neat facts about birds and jokes/games. Be prepared to share what you find out with classmates.

February 1999 Carla Schutte
Technology Specialist,
Moton Elementary