The purposes of the Wildlife Ambassadors project are listed in more detail on the objectives page, but briefly stated the project hopes to help students learn about animals, animal habitats and how they can make a difference in our world. There are far too many ecosystems, plants and animals joining the list of those which are threatened or endangered. Students of today will be the citizens of tomorrow and they can learn to help make the changes needed to make this a better world through projects which make them aware that "endangered means there's still time" - time for action. Loss of a single species from its ecosystem affects others that rely on it and may affect an entire food chain.

Currently the Wildlife Ambassadors Project is focusing on the endangered or threatened species listed on this page.

The Scrub Jay Project
  About the Scrub Jay
 How to Participate - Objectives


 About the Manatees Project
 About Manatees
How to Participate
 Protecting the Manatee

February 1999 Carla Schutte
Technology Specialist,
Moton Elementary