Links to Organizations and Agencies


Try contacting these sites to see what they may have to offer in addition or to find chapters/groups in your region.


Organizations in Florida

Florida Internet Center for Understanding Sustainability: Your Guide to balancing people with nature in Florida FICUS. Lists all the partner members and links to them including 1000 Friends of Florida, Florida Audubon Society, Florida Center for Community Design and Research, Florida Wildlife Federation and Florida House Institue for Sustainable Development. Provides a drop down menu of many other organizations which might offer information of interest.

Florida Native Plant Society pages ( provide links to information about native plants and local chapters throughout Florida. Check out the plants which are part of the scrub ecosystem and the types of vegetation found in the scrub. The Hernando Chapter of the Floirda Native Plant Society has many pages and acitivity information for those in the Hernando County area.

For more about plants of Florida online visit the Florida Native Plants pages.

The Archbold Biological Station in Lake Placid, Florida has done much research on the scrub and the Florida Scrub Jay. Archbold Biological Station is an independent, non-profit research facility, devoted to long-term ecological research and conservation. A drawing of a Florida scrub jay by John Fitzpatrick and other information is available.

Other Organizations

U.S. Fish and Wildlife

National Wildlife Organization

National Audubon

Environmental Protection Agency

International Wildlife Coalition




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