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Basic Bird Needs will help you guide students to understand the 4 basic needs that birds have in order to survive.

Vocabulary Can Help! Learn some of the terms you need to know when studying about the Florida scrub jay or other endangered animals. Use a vocabulary word find (Seek A Word) on this site.

Puzzles Page will provide you with an Internet crossword puzzle scavenger hunt about the Florida scrub jay and its habitat. Print out the clues and blank puzzles for students to use during an online session.

Mother Nature Art lessons to spice up your work on birds. Ideas for art lessons and links to lessons from the author of Kids' Computer Creations.

Creating Awareness Can be Fun. How do you let others know about the scrub jay? Well, this lesson will give you some ideas of where to begin and how to spark kids' imagination.

 How Do Birds Sing Those Songs? Learn about bird calls and songs and relate it to how humans communicate. This lesson is from Newton's Apple. A modified version is provided on these pages for your convenience. Check also the Bird Banter page.

Take a Vote. Create a platform for both sides: Florida scrub jay and the mockingbird, write a survey and check your results.

What lives in the scrub? Learn more about the plants and animals in the scrub ecosystem. Three gallaries of photos and information include the plants, endangered plants and animals of the scrub as well as basic information about the ecosystem.

Animal House Hunting. Find out more about animal habitats using this sample lesson.

A Law that Pits People Against Plants and Animals will give you information about the Engangered Species Act and ways students can discover the problems which can be created when different points of view clash.

Kids Count! See what kids can do to help the scrub jay and other threatened or endangered species.

Restaurant Guide for Birds. Talk about one facet of habitats for birds, find out about birdfeeders and what different birds like to eat.

How do Birds Fly?

Other links where resources and lessons can be found include The Fledgling Corner. Information includes contests, curriculum materials, ways to get students interested in birds and more. Check out the sections for students to get more ideas.

February 1999 Carla Schutte
Technology Specialist,
Moton Elementary