Other Resources

Try these resources to expand or extend your project in your classroom.

Peterson's Perspective A tutorial to help teach novice naturalists about bird identification, birding and birds. It is based on the Peterson Identification system which was created by Peterson in 1934. All about bird behavior, size and shape, migration, feeding, nesting, conservation, and more.

Birds by state are listed at Peterson's online pages titled Links to North American Sites or check out international sites and the extensive lists of information (includes links by state, international links and links to associations, environmental web pages, groups which focus on species, general birding resources birding magazines, and more.

Link to a Wildbird Feeder Cam and watch birds.

Virtual Birding Page from Illinois Department of Natural Resources at http://www.inhs.uiuc.edu/chf/pub/virtualbird/ provides links to a live cam set up at a bird feeder, educational materials for both educators and students as well as facts about birds found specifically in Illinois. Lesson Plans about birds on these pages include a list of 12 lessons for students and 12 for teachers. Although references are made to Illinois standards and birds there is basic content which can be helpful to apply to any area. Also included are reading lists and a play titled "One Bird Short of a Flock."

Resources for Florida Kids with links to many subject areas.

Jokes, riddles, mazes, crossword puzzle, quiz and more at the Mining Company's Page for Jokes and Games for Kids.

Find out about fossils, bones and birds at Mining Company's Fossils, Bones and Dinosaurs Page. Links include information about early birds called Archaeopteryx which were transitional form between birds and reptiles. See also Let's Find Out's article about the Compsognathus: The Bird's Ancestor? which may have been the earliest or first bird.

Many links to sites with bird calls and songs at Bird Sounds. Also a guide to Florida Bird Sounds is available at this link.

A Brief Guide to State Facts will help quickly find the answers to information about any state including capital city, when the state entered the union, mottos, state song and state symbols.

Print Your Own Coloring pages of birds. Select from a variety of birds and bird scenes to print out.

Visit Song Bird Meadow and find a variety of activities on the pages dealing with birds including a "walking tour" with a quiz, links to word finds and more.

National Geographic Kids site with information and photos for students.

Ranger Rick Nature Magazine by National Wildlife Federation has archives of activities and articles.


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