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Scrub Jay
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Join in and help us make the Florida Scrub Jay our state bird and find out more about birds in our world including the threatened Florida Scrub Jay.

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Online Resources to Support Our Project

The Scrub Jay | Resources | Legislators
Endangered Creatures | The Competitor |

The Scrub Jay

Find out about the Florida Scrub Jay


Scrub Page of Florida Game and Fish
Good brief descriptions of bird characteristics, range/habitat, food, nesting, family life and personality, legal protection and things being done to track birds.

Where do Scrub Jays Live?
An interactive map of areas in Florida where scrubs live. Click on an area and find out more about it.

Scrub Jay
A page of facts about the Florida scrub jay from the Kennedy Space Center.

Vegetation in the Scrub
Vegetation in a scrub region. Photos and information here are about vegetation at Kennedy Space Center.

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Endangered Species
Scrub Jay Page from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Endangered Species Pages includes a recovery plan summary, link to wildlife refuge at Kennedy Space Center, and a link to a photo from the Photo Gallery of Southeastern Birds.

The Florida Native Plant Society pages include a list of the plants which can be found in the scrub and an article about the scrub habitat as well as other habitats in Florida.

Floridata provides links to articles and presentations about the animals, plants and endangered plants of this disappearing ecosystem.

Florida's Upland Ecosystem
Information from the University of South Florida about the Florida scrub, its habitat and protection measures.

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The Competitor

The Mockingbird - the current Florida State Bird


About the Mockingbird
Mockingbird information from GeoZoo. Use the information here to begin to compare and contrast the mockingbird and the scrub jay.

State Bird
The Florida State Bird - Mockingbird page. Includes photo, information and a link to hear the bird's song.

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Endangered Creatures

Learn About Endangered and Threatened Species

An Endangered Expedition
American Museum of Natural History presents Why Are Animals Endangered ? View reasons for endangerment and some of the animals on the endangered list.

Why Are Animals Endangered?
Learn some of the things that create problems for different species.

National Conservation Training Center
Slide Show encourages viewers by stressing that "Endangered means there is still time". Slide graphics will help students benefit from seeing endangered species in their natural surroundings, the causes of their problems, and efforts to protect species in danger. Designers of the site suggest the program is best suited for educators and students in grades 4-12. Quiz questions and answers are included.

Environmental Education Link (EELink)
Facts about Birds and information about the conditions which may adversely affect bird populations.

Information Central List
Lists endangered and threatened wildlife and plants by major group, region of the U.S. and Foreign species. Includes state lists.

Birds, Our Environmental Indicators
From EELink comes a a curriculum plan which investigates environmental issues relevant to the Great Lakes region. Includes teacher preparation materials about birds which may be useful to all areas.

Endangered Species List
Endangered and extinct species are listed Internationally and in the United States by region, group or species.

Fact Sheets on Endangered Species
Fact Sheets on Endangered species from US Fish and Wildlife Service, National Wildlife Refuge System, National Marine Fisheries Service, SeaWorld/Bush Gardens, World WIldlife Fund.

Endangered Species List
Home page of Endangered Species, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. Includes kids corner, photo gallery, slide show, and more.

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Other Resources

Print out a petition for collecting student and community signatures
Link to Audubon online petition
Links to other resources online.
Links to other organizations to check.

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Contacting Your Legislators

Finding Your Lawmakers
How to find your Lawmakers in any state. You can locate both state and federal representatives. Helps you find the correct name and provides help to compose email through your browser. Site includes links to protocol and tips for contacting legislators as well.

Finding Florida Legislators
National WIldlife Federation Guide for the Florida Legislature.

Florida Government
This page permits you to search for legislators in the House and Senate by name, district, and party. It is also possible to search by county. Selecting the county search will provide maps of counties displaying district maps for both chambers. Instructions for county searching are provided.

Getting Your Voice Heard
Tips for effectively communicating your ideas to legislators.

Citizen's Guide to the Legislative Process
An Introduction to the Legislative Process. A link to which shows a flow chart about "How An Idea Becomes a Law" in the Florida legislative process.

Action How-To
Tools and information on taking action in your community to make a difference and help protect the environment. Includes link to locate federal and state lawmakers, how to lobby your lawmaker, arrange a town meeting, tips for writing a grassroots message, how to write a letter to your lawmaker, how to organize your community and use the newspapers to help your efforts.


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February 1999 Carla Schutte
Technology Specialist,
Moton Elementary