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 button Project Objectives

  • To help students become more aware of unique, threatened and endangered animals.
  • To help students learn how they can help preserve animal habitats and biodiversity.
  • To learn about geographic regions and habitat diversity.
  • To discover the relationships between people and wildlife which can contribute to successful coexistence.
  • To discover the factors which contribute to animals being placed on the threatened or endangered lists.
  • To identify state/federal legislators for their districts.
  • To find out how citizens can communicate with legislators and become involved in the legislative process dealing with ecological issues.
  • To provide opportunities for online collaboration, research and publishing.


Project Time line

Project will begin January 15 and continue through June, 1999. Participants wishing to collaborate are asked to indicate their interest during January. Publication of student work submitted and results of work will be published online and/or links will be made to schools web sites.

Participant Grade Levels

Particpation by all grade levels is encouraged. Teachers can scale their particpation and tailor activities to meet the needs of their class.

Project Subjects

This will be a multidisciplinary project which will address science, social studies and language arts objectives, but can be tailored by participants to include other areas as well.

Project Coordinator

Project will be coordinated by Carla Schutte and student assistants at Moton Elementary School.

Contact Information: (

Moton Elementary

7175 Emerson Rd

Brooksville, Florida 34601

(352) 544-6450


Current Work and More Information

Sunshine State Standards for the Project (PK-8)

February 1999 Carla Schutte
Technology Specialist,
Moton Elementary