The sites listed below provide resources that can help you as you create your own class activities and lessons. A good place to begin your lessons is with basic information on living things.

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The Living Things site at the Franklin Institute offers a complete unit of study on plants and animals which is divided into the following sections:

  • Individuals: Anatomy and Physiology,
  • Families: Classification of plants and animals,
  • Neighborhoods: Ecosystems, Biomes, and Habitats,
  • Circle of Life: Life Cycles and Daily Living

Links to sites with Lesson Plans:

  • Investigate endangered species and find environmental information for use in the classroom at EE-Link
  • National Wildlife Federation offers lesson plans and guides on endangered animals

There is a lesson plan titled The Deforestation Dance from the Jane Goodall Institute pages on chimpanzees designed for K-3 students which uses a modified game of musical chairs to help explain the effects of habitat destruction on non-human animals.

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Page includes a teacher packet which you can download and print out using Acrobat Reader. Includes information on the Endangered Species Act and how it is administered, What kids can do to help, and more.

The teacher packet is available at

Firn Environmental Education Programs Search Page located at
programs/eep.html can help locate additional resources.

The Gateway site offers internet lesson plans, curriculum units and other education resources. Browse by subject or keyword lists. (Endangered Species)

NWF Action Link which lists issues needing assistance today including: Black-Tailed Prairie Dogs, Sea Turtles, Wetlands and others. Includes how to reach your lawmakers and the status of key issues in Congress. A great way to get kids involved in real-world issues.

Visit the Endangered Species and Habitats Page of NWF.


Wildlife Week - The theme of 1998's Educator's Kit is: NATURE'S WEB™: Caring for The Land.The 1999 Educator's Kit and Website - NATURE'S WEB™: Keep The Wild Alive is currently in development. (Sign up to receive a copy of the guide so you can celebrate National Wildlife Week this spring - focus on Endangered Species.)


Floria Game and Fresh Water Fish Commission offers a free color brochure about the Florida scrub jay. Request by calling
(850) 488-4676 or writing to them at
620 S. Meridan St.
Tallahasse, FL 32399-1600

February 1999 Carla Schutte
Technology Specialist,
Moton Elementary