Drawing Pictures 

Copy Card     Drawing pictures using HyperStudio is a relatively easy operation.  Using the mouse on your computer, Paste Cardyou can create scenes with surprising detail.  If you use some of the clip-art available, the drawing almost comes to life.
     The first thing a student needs to do is to create a basic drawing.  It can be just about anything.  We will be using a relatively simple drawing to demonstrate how to animate.  Our example will be a star.
     Once the first picture is finished, students will need to copy the card and then paste the card.  Students can use the "Copy Card" and then "Paste Card" commands under "Edit" on the menu bar.  After that, they should "move to the last card."Last Card
     This basic procedure of "copy card," "paste card," and "move to the last card" is used continually while the student continues with their drawings.  What happens in between these operations is what makes the animation become a reality. 

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