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Movie size 942K This project is brought to you by the CMS Sci-Tech Club.  Click on the picture for a QuickTime movie.
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This website was first presented on January 21st for AAAS Public Science Day at the California Science Center, Los Angeles, California.

Sci-Tech club would like to thank their advisors - Mr. Mills, Ms. Parham, Mrs. Granger and Mrs. Joeckel.  Thanks to Mr. Myers for web page design.  Thanks to Mr. Troxel for video editing and technical advising.

Research information collected over the internet with most information coming from NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, NASA and NOAA.  Thanks to the Franklin Institute for providing server space.

At right:  The Sci-Tech Club relaxes for a moment before continuing on their voyage of discovery at the California Science Center.

Sci-Tech Club @ CSC
Sci-Tech Club @ CSC

At left:  The Sci-Tech Club on the steps in front of the California Science Center.

Click here for a panoramic view of Cucamonga Middle School and the Sci-Tech Club.  (file size 157K)
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