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KCMS Presents the latest on El Niño.

The file sizes are rather large so we recommend a modem speed of at least 28.8 or greater.  For best results, please download QuickTime 3.0 before viewing.  If you have a very fast internet connection you may want to just download the entire movie (file size 15.2 mb) from our link below.  Click on the pictures below, to download the individual QuickTime movies.

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For in depth coverage of El Niño, tune to KCMS Channel 3 broadcasting out of Rancho Cucamonga, California.  (file size 1.5 mb)

Standing by, in the rain is our on the spot reporter.  (file size 4.4 mb)

4.4 mb
1.5 mb

See the devastation of an El Niño caused flood.  (file size 1.5 mb)

Go "live" to Peru to discover the effects of El Niño in that country.
(file size 1.5 mb)

1.5 mb

Go to the country of India and find out what happened there as a result of El Niño.  (file size 903K)

Learn what happens to the weather in other parts of the country because of El Niño, from our on the spot weather reporter.  (file size 1.3 mb)

1.3 mb
1.2 mb

What do the satellites say about El Niño?  (file size 1.2 mb)

For those of you who have a really fast connection, download the entire movie here.  (file size 10.4 mb)

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