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We have a discussion group, creative writing, poetry, 2nd Grade Dino stories, and our Dino- Mation!

Here is the main part of our site: our geology projects. Learn about rocks, volcanoes, parts of the earth, uses of the earth, tectonic plates, and more!

Read about our school, our parent volunteers, our staff, and our community!

Look for student created QuickTime video jokes sprinkled throughout the web site!
They often take a LONG time to load, and the links look like this. >>>

Teacher Talk


Science Lab

Here are some of the lesson ideas used by Pattie teachers. There are also other links that may be of interest to educators.

Play Java Concentration, Java Word Search, take an interactive geology quiz, and do some VERY hard cross word puzzles.

Here are some fun projects that were done in our science lab.

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We are still uploading student work. Continue looking for many more additions to come!
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