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Reporting on Famous Volcanoes

Student projects for the geology theme included a choice for volcanoes! In this assignment, students were asked to research a volcanic eruption such as Vesuvius or Mount Saint Helens and to write a magazine article about it, as if they were an eyewitness. They were to include the location of the volcano, when it erupted and other interesting facts about it. Here are the reports, hot off the press:

  • Nature Brings Disaster Back to Life, Mount Saint Helens, by John A.
  • Volcano Weekly, Kilauea, by Shannon D.
  • Mount Vesuvius, by Jenna O.
  • Persons Magazine, Death and Destruction on Mount Saint Helens, by Meghann O.
  • Volcano Magazine, Mount St. Helens-The Inside Story, by Brittany M.
  • The Eruption of Mt. St. Helens, by Christopher E.
  • Mount Saint Helens, by Anthony
  • Mount Saint Helens, by Kristina G.
  • Mount Saint Helens, by Devon w.

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