How We Use Our Earth


Steven W., Justin, James O., Nicholas,
Tom, Stephen M., Linsdey W., Michelle S.,
Rachel K., Stephen S., John V., Danielle, Zachary,
Courtney, Elizabeth, Patrice, Stephanie, Thomas,
Vincent, Sarah, Trent


How We Use Our Earth

  • Here are some surveys for the use of soil, sand and rocks. Most surveys are graphed:

    Other Uses we have Thought of:

    • We make marble floors.
    • We make sledge hammers from rocks.
    • We use salt to eat.
    • Toothpaste is made from minerals.
    • Sandstone is used to make our glass windows
    • We use graphite in our pencils and golf club shafts.
    • Cars are made from different minerals, expecially aluminum.
    • All things metal are made from minerals.
    • We eat minerals when we take vitamins: tin, iron, zinc etc.
    • Concrete.
    • Spears
    • Marble top tables
    • Badges
    • Necklaces
    • Diamond rings are made of diamonds!
    • Other Jewelry is made from minerals.
    • Crown Jewels
    • Ax head
    • hafted adzes
    • Most building structures are made from minerals.
    • Bricks and brick walls
    • Black broad slate
    • Clay pottery.
    • Computer CDs.
    • Marbles.
    • Bridges.
    • Radios.
    • Light bulbs.
    • Aluminum foil.
    • Chalk.

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