Our Changing Earth


Ways the Earth Changes by:
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Ways that man changes the Earth

  • We dig holes in it.
  • We cut down trees.
  • We move rocks and parts of the ground to build houses.
  • We take away rocks to keep.
  • We change it by walking around on it.
  • We build things on it
  • We grow different things on it.
  • Bad people litter on it.
  • We take things from the surface to build things.
  • We take water from it so we can drink, that makes less water.
  • We create air pollution which changes the surface of the earth.
  • We create  ground pollution in our water and soil.
  • We tunnel.
  • We throw away recyclables which make landfills bigger.
  • We build artificial lakes and ponds.
  • We dig holes without refilling them.
  • We build roads.
  • We build houses
  • We plant new kinds of trees.
  • We cut down natural growing trees.
  • We break branches.
  • We strip mine for coal.
  • We damn up the rivers.
  • We set off bombs in war.
  • We test bombs.
  • We farm the soil.
  • We make archeological digs.
  • We start forest fires.
  • We create man made islands.
  • We make rock quarries.
  • We build playgrounds.
  • We plant and harvest crops.
  • We mine materials.
  • We do various kinds of excavations.
  • We build railroads.
  • We have power lines.
  • We create global warming.
  • We create irrigation.
  • We build canals.
  • We make golf courses.
  • We cause erosion.
  • We drill for oil.
  • We pump water into the desert for farming.
  • We Pick flowers.
  • We go fishing.

    Natural ways that the Earth Changes

    Erosion and weathering are the gradual wearing down and carving away of the Earth's minerals. Here are the many ways our crust is naturally eroded:

    • Wind constantly wears away rock in dry areas.
    • Lichens and other chemicals get into rocks to cause chemical weathering
    • Water, sand and wind can cause physical weathering.
    • When the water freezes, cracks are widened and rocks are broken apart.
    • Ocean waves pound against the coast are constantly changing the shore line.
    • Rivers carry pebbles, sand and constantly rub against the riverbed. The Grand Canyon in Arizona is a result of erosion caused by the Colorado River.
    • Glaciers can cause erosion and carry material from one location to another.
    • Here are some illustrations of natural erosion:

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