Geology Projects and
Lesson Ideas

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Used by Pattie Elementary School Teachers


  • Project Assignments. Here are the project assignments Miriam Hieber's 5th graders were given. This assignment was partly a take home project, and partly done in class.

  • Using Blooms Taxonomy with Geology Assignments. This approach was taken by Carol Cisky and involves a written, pictoral and verbal assignments on all the levels of Blooms Taxonomy relating to geology.

  • Mining for Minerals. Here is a Science Lab activity that is both yummy and educational. Students learn about the perils of mining for minerals and then get to eat the results!

  • Project Assignments. This was a differentiated approach, used by Jill Seamster, using the same list of projects as Miriam Hieber. This was not a take home assignment, but had to be done in class.

  • Technology Objectives students met while working on this web project.

  • Dinosaurs. A second grade activity.

  • Language Arts objectives and this web site. Rock People poems and Tree stories. A rock activity (inanimate object personification) which are Language Arts connections. These were done by students in Mrs. Hieber's and Mrs. Cisky's class.

  • Other Geology Lesson ideas can be found on Tammy Payton's Rock Hound Page.

  • A discussion on the Internet and the Classroom by Michael Lipinski.

  • Resources for Integrating Technology by Gail Watson, a collection of hints and links for the teacher.

  • How This Project Came Together, by Gail Watson. A little obsessive/compulsive doesn't hurt.

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